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3 Must Have Accessories for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet accessories can help you get the most out of your kitchen cabinet space and help you discover your inner organizer for a more attractive and functional kitchen. With everything in its place and accessible, you can stop spending your time bending over and straining your back or crawling through cabinets to find what you need. These three cabinet accessories will save time and energy so that you can focus on preparing your culinary masterpieces.

Cabinet pull outs reduce clutter and save space.

Rolling shelves bring items to you without requiring you to empty the front items to get to the back of the cabinet. Appliances such as food processors, slow cookers, and juicers take up space, so making them accessible with cabinet pull outs means you don’t have to store them on the counters but can still have them readily available for use. Smaller rolling shelves are perfect for organizing canned goods or containers for your rice, pasta, and other non-perishables.

One organizer that is essential to a well-organized kitchen is a method for storing pots, pans, and bakeware. Even if you select a pot rack for hanging your pots and pans, storing lids can be a challenge. By incorporating a pullout drawer with a deep pocket, or a cabinet tray divider that creates slots for sliding thin items in and out, these accessories will prevent you from digging through drawers to find what you need.

The Lazy Susan makes corner cabinet space user-friendly.

Most kitchens have at least one blind corner cabinet, and while these corner cabinets are visually appealing, they usually make it difficult to reach parts of the inside of the cabinet. If you add a Lazy Susan, you can add a variety of shapes and sizes to fully utilize your corner cabinet space.

Awkward sized cooking dishes, leftover storage containers, and even small appliances, such as hand-mixers or blenders, can fit well on the rotating shelves and allow you to reach them with a simple spin.

Trash and recycle pullouts hide your waste.

Trash cans and recycle bins are necessary but unsightly. A single-bin system allows you to hide your garbage in a base cabinet that pulls out for easy emptying and cleaning. A double- bin system provides two removable bins so that you can double up your trash capacity, or you can utilize one bin for your garbage and a second for recyclable items.


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