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Bay Area homeowners see big returns on kitchen remodels.

Ask any real estate expert what the best way is to sell a home quickly and they will tell you to create a beautiful, timeless kitchen. A kitchen remodel is the number one way to immediately increase the value and marketability of your home. According to Zillow, a complete kitchen renovation averages a nationwide 75% return on investment, while HGTV reports that in hot markets such as Chicago, Atlanta, and San Francisco, springing for a kitchen remodel can offer 100% returns. Why wait until you are ready to put your house on the market to give yourself the quality kitchen you deserve? The kitchen is the heart of the home, so consider these value-adding renovations to create the kitchen of your dreams while investing in the overall value of your home.


A successful kitchen renovation will make the most out of the space and currently, the trend is towards opening up walls to connect the kitchen to living space. This not only makes the kitchen feel more spacious, it allows those preparing food to feel connected to their families and guests. The inclusion of a central island is also a highly desirable quality in updated kitchens.


Kitchen flooring receives a lot of wear and abuse, so the flooring you select should be water-resistant and durable. While ceramic tile is tough and spill resistant, it can be hard on your feet. Hardwood flooring is beautiful to look at and easy on your feet, but it will wear in high traffic areas. Laminate flooring is another option to give you the hardwood look but can be ill advised in high moisture areas. So, in selecting your kitchen flooring, you must evaluate your lifestyle and sense of style, consider comfort and ease of cleaning, and examine your budget to find the flooring right for your needs. The construction costs of changing your space and the materials and installation of new flooring should make about 30% of your budget.

Cabinetry and countertops

These two features should make up about 40% of your overall budget, so it is no wonder why the proper selection of cabinets and countertops in a vital part of any kitchen renovation. When selecting cabinetry, go for high-quality that will withstand changing tastes and trends. Cabinets should not only offer an effective storage system and functionality to your kitchen, they should also be stylish with clean lines and a lovely finish that fits into the overall style of your home. Light colors tend to be more appealing to buyers, and with the right selection of hardware, updated cabinets will add the most value to your kitchen and the overall value of your home. Semi-custom cabinetry is often an affordable option which allows you to install solid wood cabinetry in the styles, finishes, and colors you desire.

Countertops should complement the finish and colors of the cabinets. Whether the countertops are made from engineered stone or granite, or if you splurge for marble or rare granite, laminate is out. Home buyers are looking for the aesthetic appeal of natural looking materials.


Upgrading your appliances not only gives the kitchen a fresh new look, it also allows you to experience updated technological improvements, improve your energy bills, and guarantee the safety of your kitchen. The current rage in appliance purchases include black stainless steel or modern white colors, induction cooktops, and touch and swipe controls. Updated appliances should stay under 15% of your budget.


Often overlooked, lighting is essential to completing your kitchen renovation. Lighting should be layered according to general lighting, task lighting, or accent lighting. The type and quality of the light will affect the atmosphere of the room. Whether you prefer pendants, an added glow to your cabinets, translucent fixtures, or string lights, remember lighting is essential to any space, especially one with the functionality of a kitchen. The cost of your lighting should be approximately 5% of your budget.

Ready to sell?

Whether you plan on enjoying your beautifully updated kitchen for a while, or if you intend to list it as soon as the renovations are done, remember to stick with traditional materials and appliances. Potential homebuyers seek out wood cabinets, commercial appearing appliances, wood or stone flooring, and stone countertops. All of these considers should help you upgrade the value of your home and improve its marketability.

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