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Kitchen Island Trends

Kitchens are not just for cooking. Whether used for gathering, entertainment, or as a place to do homework, the kitchen island has come a long way and is here to stay. The following trends in kitchen island design can add flair and practicality to any kitchen.

The Waterfall Edge

No longer considered an ultra-modern approach to design, the waterfall edge island adds a sleek look that highlights the perfect slab of the material of choice. The benchtop surface cascades down one or both sides to the floor. This is a great way to put a dramatic material such as natural stone on display and add sophistication to any space.

Contrasting colors and stones

Matchy-matchy is a thing of the past. Some homeowners choose contrasting colors or stones in their kitchen island to add interest or to add a variation of style to space. A totally different base and countertop make a bold statement while changing just the color or stone can have a subtle effect.

Double-Sided Island

Utilizing both sides of an island maximizes space and improves functionality to the most used room in your house. Options on how to use this space are endless: cabinets, prep space, seating space, or open-storage; homeowners can match the double-sided island options to the needs of the family to double up the usefulness of the space.

Sinks and Appliances Within

An island sink is an addition to the kitchen island that homeowners will not regret. Installing the main island sink in a smaller kitchen can improve the work triangle, and for larger kitchens, this placement can allow the chef to face guests and socialize while prepping or cleaning up. For those who prefer the main sink in the exterior of the kitchen, the addition of a prep sink allows more flexibility in food preparation and sharing the kitchen space.

Placing a microwave in the kitchen island also makes sense. Removing hot food from over your head can be dangerous, so this feature not only improves safety, but it also makes access to the microwave kid-friendly.

For those at-home chefs who do a great deal of entertaining, placing the cooktop in the kitchen island should be considered. This placement allows you to talk to your guests while preparing your masterpiece. For homeowners who want to make an island hood a prominent design feature in their kitchen, the kitchen island cooktop combined with a high-quality hood works beautifully.

Wine enthusiasts often make great use of their island space by installing built-in wine fridges and racks to store their favorite bottles.

Trash Containment

A pull-out garbage cabinet houses well in many kitchen islands. The placement should be strategic with regards to the sink and food preparation areas. Double pull-out garbage cans allow for storage of trash and recyclables in one central area and hides away unsightly trash bins.

Consider these trends in your kitchen renovation or new home construction. These ideas combine functionality and aesthetics for the ultimate kitchen. C3 Cabinetry can help you turn your kitchen dreams into reality.

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