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Pantry cabinets offer great storage solutions for kitchens with limited space…

Storage is a key consideration in kitchen design, and the decision on whether to include a walk-in pantry or a pantry cabinet within the kitchen is critical to homeowners. Both of these options have their upsides, but there are other factors to keep in mind.

Walk-in Pantry

If you have a closet or extra space to create a customized walk-in pantry, this will add considerable storage and beauty to your kitchen. Not only are you able to keep your main area appearing crisp and clean because it is free of large appliances and clutter, you can also add cabinetry, shelving, pull outs, or even additional cold storage in a manner that meets all of the chef’s needs. Semi-custom cabinets can add beauty and functionality to the space and spice up your overall kitchen design. It should be noted that the walk-in pantry may require a little extra upkeep, will take up valuable space in your home, and could mean that your kitchen tools are a little less accessible to your other work space.

Pantry Cabinet

Not everyone has a large space or wants to give up existing space for a walk-in pantry, and many homeowners find that a pantry cabinet is a better option for their kitchen. With a properly designed cabinet pantry, you can have a centralized, functional area where all your kitchen goods are housed in an accessible manner, while requiring less space. With custom cabinet options including shelving, sliding rollouts, and varying drawer sizes, your creative options for the interior of the cabinet are limitless. Keep in mind, the pantry cabinet will likely reduce counter space, so the placement of the pantry is important.

So, which is better? That is for you to decide. Not everyone needs the same solutions in their kitchen but knowing the basics before consulting with a professional will help you be a valuable contributor to your kitchen design.

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