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Pros and Cons of Glass Front Cabinets

Open-shelving and minimal cabinetry may be a trend that some homeowners embrace, but for most of us, those gorgeous displays of perfectly organized kitchen wares and dishes do not seem adequate for housing our endless supply of kitchen gadgets. For those who know their organizational limits, kitchen cabinetry is a must, and the addition of glass-front cabinet doors may be a welcome alternative to wood cabinets.

Advantages of Glass Front Cabinet Doors

The addition of glass front cabinet doors can transform a dull kitchen into a modern, open space. Strategically placed glass can add light to your room and increase spaciousness while providing you a way to incorporate colorful dinnerware, vintage glassware, or chic serving trays into your home décor. The addition of paint to the interior of the cabinets or the installation of showcase lighting can allow you to complement your design and create a warmer, more airy space.

Current trends and the functionality of your kitchen should be considered when making glass front cabinet door selections so that you can enhance the design and purpose of the space. Fortunately, there are many options in glass selection including clear, frosted, textured, or colored glass, which allows you to customize your selection to fit your taste and lifestyle. Fluted or beaded-glass cabinets can slightly obscure cabinet contents without masking them completely. Many cabinet retailers offer glass-ready cabinets. This allows the consumer to select high-quality glass from a local glass shop without risking damage to the glass during transit. Keep in mind, all of your cabinets do not have to be glass front; a combination of glass and wooden cabinet doors will add interest to the room.

Easy to clean and resistant to staining, glass front cabinet doors can serve as an open-barrier for homeowners who want an open feeling while maintaining a boundary between the kitchen and living space. Small, windowed kitchens with limited wall space can utilize picture window cabinets that are two-sided and allow you to maintain natural light and an outdoor view. No matter what your design vision and purpose, glass front doors offer a flexibility that adds texture and visual interest to any kitchen.

Disadvantages of Glass Front Cabinet Doors

Glass can shatter and break. Not only can this pose a problem for repairs, it can also be a safety concern. Strong, tempered glass made for cupboard doors is available, as is a thin plastic covering that will prevent the spread of shattered glass should a breakage occur. Homeowners with small children – you have been warned.

Glass front cabinet doors are easy to clean, but they must be cleaned regularly. Fingerprints, food, and smudges will be obvious on a glass surface. The glass must be wiped down frequently with glass cleaner to avoid looking dirty. Additionally, the contents of the cabinet are on display, so time must be spent keeping cabinets neat and orderly.

Glass may become discolored over time and could potentially need more frequent replacement than wooden cabinet doors. The use of high-quality glass should extend the life of the glass or avoid the need for replacement, but the price tag for materials will be more expensive.

If you would like to evaluate your kitchen cabinet options, please feel free to contact C3 Cabinetry for a consultation.

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