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Smart Appliances for the Dream Kitchen

Gone are the days of bulky countertop appliances. Today’s homeowners are decluttering the kitchen and integrating their small kitchen appliances into the design and feel of their culinary space. Home chefs want to keep appliances accessible while favoring universal design principles that enhance the look and feel of the kitchen. With an increased emphasis on space-saving equipment, sleek minimalistic designs, and the use of clever paneling and built-in features, people are embracing time-saving “smart” appliances.

Consider these four trends in kitchen appliances that lend convenience to any home:

Steam Convection Ovens

Much faster than conventional ovens, a built-in steam convection oven allows for healthy cooking without added fat. Vegetables, fish, and grains can be prepared simply and perfectly without depleting the nutrients or changing the flavor. Steam ovens are particularly effective for heating leftovers without drying them out, as the steam rehydrates the foods while retaining the vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy diet. The Viking Combi-Steam/Convection Oven is a high-tech option that offers a steam and convection cooking system with full color navigation and multiple cooking modes for the serious chef.

Warming drawer

Every chef has dealt with the frustration of trying to keep food warm and balance the oven use to perfectly time a prepared meal. The addition of a warming drawer allows you to keep food warm until you are ready to serve. Appetizers can be made ahead of time and held for hours, so the cook is available to visit with friends and family. Also used for activating yeast for baking, some models can even be used for slow-cooking. The KitchenAid Slow Cook Warming Drawer allows slow cooking, sensor temperature control, and custom-control technology.

Coffee and Espresso makers

The existence of a coffee shop on every corner proves that Americans are all about their coffee, but not everyone wants to rush out the door for café-quality coffees. Coffee systems allow you to enjoy professional coffee, espresso, or cappuccino at the touch of a button in the privacy of your home. These systems offer superb convenience and designer aesthetics that can be built right into your cabinets or mounted underneath to keep the counters clear. The Bosch Stainless Steel Built-in Coffee Machine offers coffee shop technology for residential use.

Microwave drawers

Once a kitchen space hog, microwaves have evolved into space-saving must-haves, but the introduction of microwave drawers has produced a streamlined option that fits in seamlessly with kitchen cabinetry. Typically loaded from the top, these handy appliances lend themselves to previously unused space such as the short end of an island or tucked next to an oven. Bosch offers a 1.2 foot capacity unit that can be installed under a cabinet or even in a wall, and Sharp offers features of auto-touch control panels and a touch-free opening.

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