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The Finishing Touches – Selecting the Hardware for Your Cabinets

One of the final choices a homeowner makes during a kitchen renovation is the selection of hardware for the cabinetry, and this little detail makes a big difference in the overall style of your kitchen. Appropriately selected hardware complements your décor and accentuates the features of your cabinets while also meeting your personal preferences and goals for functionality.

Knobs or Pulls?

Knobs offer remodelers thousands of design options and are a bit less expensive than pulls, but they can be difficult to clean and harder to grip. Pulls, while they may cost a little more and have fewer design options, are highly functional and add flare to the style of the kitchen. Many homeowners opt for a blend of knobs and pulls to create the optimum design aesthetic.

Shapes and Styles

No matter what shape, style, or finish you select for your hardware, the colors should work together with the cabinetry, counters, and flooring you have chosen for your kitchen. The hardware should serve to make the final statement on design.

The type of cabinetry you have selected guides the direction of your hardware choices. Shaker cabinets give more flexibility than other cabinets. Due to their simplicity, the overall look is strongly influenced by the hardware and can instantly add a modern, traditional or vintage feel to the kitchen. Flat paneled cabinets are naturally more modern and lend themselves to stainless steel bars or lean black bars paired with bold knobs. For traditional cabinets, classic pulls or simple knobs often work well. The more ornate detail found on the cabinetry, the less elaborate the hardware should be, or the result can be distracting.


Once you have determined the proper combination of knobs and pulls and the appropriate shapes and sizes of your hardware, you must select the finish that complements your design best. Whether you want a little something unexpected, a classic simplicity, or rustic distressed look, finish is central to the final result. Current trends indicate that rose gold and champagne brass are desirable finishes for painted or distressed cabinetry, and brushed nickel is still popular for most any cabinet style. For an old-world look, oil-rubbed bronze and antiqued brass can be a perfect finishing touch.

Fortunately, the cabinet experts at C3 Cabinetry have discovered and installed many of the tried and true hardware options. Start designing your dream kitchen today!

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