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What do Professional Chefs Want in a Home Kitchen?

Although chefs prepare food professionally day and night, many chefs still want to come home and share their labor of love with family and friends. After becoming accustomed to the quality tools and efficient designs of commercial kitchens, many are dissatisfied with the tools and designs of typical residential kitchens. Russ Daken, a chef at The Jazz Corner on Hilton Head Island explains his must-haves for his ideal home kitchen.

Hanging Pot Rack

“Pot drawers are out – I prefer a hanging pot rack,” says Daken. To be able to work effectively in the kitchen, pots and lids need to be available to “grab and go.” Lids can be hung with the corresponding pot by sliding the handle through the top of the lid and keeping them together, which saves time when trying to locate the right lid.

Open Shelving

Opening and closing doors is a waste of time and energy, so open shelving allows for more efficient food preparation and easy access to what is needed. While some homeowners worry about the dust collection on open shelving, “chefs who use their wares regularly are constantly washing and returning items to the shelves, so that is not a concern. Plus, some of my cookware that I have collected over the years makes for conversation pieces,” Daken says.

Magnetic Knife Holder

Chef’s knives, utility knives, paring knives, boning knives – chefs know when to use the right tools, and knives can be highly personal tools of a chef’s trade. Daken believes “knives are best stored on a magnetic knife holder where they can be easily viewed and used.” This storage option not only makes the knives more accessible, it also allows the knives to serve as a point of pride in the kitchen, much as musical instruments hung on the walls are by musicians.

Stainless Steel Island

“Preparing quality food is messy and having a workstation that is easy to clean prevents cross-contamination and reduces clean up time,” states Daken. A stainless steel island placed in the appropriate vicinity to kitchen tools, the sink, and the stovetop creates a sanitary section of the work triangle to support the creation of everything from a simple sandwich to a culinary masterpiece.

The Right Sink and Drain

According to Daken, “A large, double basin kitchen sink is always preferred for cleaning, prepping and washing, and rinsing, but the addition of a commercial sink sprayer makes rinsing and cleaning caked on food and debris much easier.” Stainless steel sinks are very durable and easy to clean, and though they may scratch, marks can be buffed out by brushed stainless steel. He adds, “It’s important to make sure your kitchen drains are large enough to meet the demands of your kitchen tasks, and a floor drain, that would be just perfect.”

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