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Which Cabinet Style is best for your Kitchen Remodel?

Perhaps the most important decision in your kitchen design in the selection of cabinets. The style and décor of your home should play a role in the cabinetry you choose, but because cabinetry is the most prominent and defining feature of the room, the style you select will also influence the overall look and feel of your kitchen and your home.

Traditional cabinets are characterized by raised panels or beaded insets and embellishments that incorporate lines, slopes, and curves into the design to provide texture. Often using darker colors than other styles, they are meant to add a warmth and an old-world influence to give your kitchen either a rustic or classic elegance. The addition of these timeless cabinets can lend a warm, inviting ambiance to your kitchen.

Shaker cabinets, sometimes referred to as craftsman style, are one of the most popular options in cabinet selection in the Bay area. The Shaker style, created by the Shaker community to provide plain, functional, durable wooden cabinets, typically has simple features consisting of straight lines, little adornment, and often natural or light finishes. The door is constructed out of rail and stile frames with a flat, recessed panel. Because of the simplicity, this style of cabinet lends itself to most any design style with the versatility for use in traditional or contemporary homes. Modern style lovers who prefer sleeker design with hard edges, functional storage, and minimalistic design will likely prefer this style.

Transitional cabinets are a hybrid between traditional and shaker cabinets. “Transitional” is a buzzword in design that is used to refer to a mix of traditional and modern design elements, and these cabinets provide a balance between the warmth of traditional cabinets and the clean lines and hard edges of modern door styles. With a variated panel and light beading, this cabinetry can suit traditional kitchens or can be subtly contemporary for a more modern feel.

Slab cabinets are the most modern cabinets with a flat panel with no additional panels, molding, or ornamentation. These cabinets are not made out of wood; rather, they are constructed out of particle board or DMF (medium density fiberboard) and finished with the application of a veneer or thermafoil, which is a thin layer of vinyl that is vacuum-pressed onto the DMF. Customers with slab cabinets have reported problems with peeling, chipping, and sensitivity to heat with these products. Because they cannot be painted, and resurfacing is cost prohibitive, this option is not optimal for most homeowners.

If you need help with selecting the right cabinets for your kitchen renovation, the experts at C3 Cabinetry can assist you in selecting and installing high-quality, solid wood cabinets at a price you can afford. Contact us today to begin your personalized journey to the kitchen of your dreams.

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