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Thinking of Updating Your Kitchen Cabinets?

With the supply of housing continuing to shrink in the San Francisco Bay area and the rising costs of real estate, many consumers are deciding to renovate their existing home rather than purchase new homes. Home remodeling offers many benefits to homeowners because they can design their rooms just the way they want them. Upgrading a kitchen can improve the style and function of your home and often times the selection of cabinetry can be an overwhelming part of the process. Here are four options consumers should know about before digging into the purchase of cabinets.

What is cabinet refacing?

Cabinet refacing involves both refacing and replacing certain aspects of existing cabinets. The box of the cabinet is left in place and the cabinet doors and drawer fronts are removed and replaced. All of the exposed parts of the frame are covered with a veneer that matches the new finish. New hinges and hardware are typically installed. If you do not want to change the design of your existing kitchen, cabinet refacing can be an affordable option, but you need to realize you are stuck with the existing cabinet box, and you are only changing the surface of the cabinets rather than redesigning the space.

What are stock cabinets?

Stock cabinets are pre-manufactured cabinets that are mass produced and often on the shelf at big box stores. While these cabinets are affordable and readily available, they do not offer any customization. The choice of wood, style, color and sizes are limited, and many of the cabinets available are made out of particleboard and laminates rather than natural wood. Because the cabinets come in standard sizes, there is little ability to design a kitchen just the way you want it, and the cabinets may not come with the hardware and crown molding options you may desire.

What are custom cabinets?

Custom cabinets are exactly that – custom. They are built to your expectations by either a skilled carpenter or through a manufacturer that builds them specifically to your order. The choices of wood, style, color, sizes, hardware, and molding are endless. Sounds perfect, right? The downside to custom cabinets is that they are expensive, labor-intensive, and it can take a long time for the order and installation to be completed.

What are semi-custom cabinets?

Semi-custom cabinets are a blend between stock cabinets and custom cabinets. They are similar to stock cabinets in that they come in standard sizes, but like custom cabinets, the dimensions and design features can be altered to fit your individual needs. Quality semi-custom cabinets are built out of solid wood without the use of MDF, particle board, or thermafoil. They are significantly less expensive than custom cabinets, have less of a wait time for installation, but still allow you to design your kitchen to your liking with the cabinets, hardware, and molding that you desire.

Your kitchen renovation should be a positive experience as you spruce up the most utilized room in your home. The experts at C3 Cabinetry can assist you in selecting and installing high-quality, solid wood cabinets at a price you can afford. Contact us today to begin your personalized journey to the kitchen of your dreams.

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